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  • 单粒子光谱


  • 超快光谱学


  • 空间光束检测


  • 片上高品质因子光学微腔及应用



Min Xiao, male, was born in November, 1959. He received his BS degree in 1982 from Nanjing University and went to US through the CUSPEA Program. He was awarded his PH.D in Physics from the Department of Physics, University of Texas at Austin in 1988. He spent two years as Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT and became an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas in 1990. He was promoted to the Full Professor rank in 1998, and to the rank of Distinguished Professor in 2004. In 2006, he was appointed to the position of the Twenty-First Century Endowed Chair in Nanotechnology. Professor Min Xiao’s research interests span over a broad range of areas, including quantum optics, nonlinear optics, atomic physics, ultrafast spectroscopy and nanoscience & nanotechnologies. Professor Min Xiao received the US National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award in 1994. In 1998, he received the University Alumni Distinguished Research Award and, in 2004, the Fulbright Master Research Award.

So far, up to March 2012, Professor Min Xiao has published more than 250 refereed journal papers, with total citations exceeding 5,500 times. His H-index is 37. He has established a research team at Nanjing University and built state-of-the-art laboratories working on ultrafast spectroscopy, single-molecule spectroscopy, quantum information processing, cavity-QED, and optical properties in micro/nano structures. Professor Min Xiao was elected to the Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Fellow of the Optical Society of America, both in 2004. He served as the Program Co-Chair (2005) and General Co-Chair (2007) of the CLEO/QELS. Currently, he serves as the Topical Editor of the Journal of Optical Society of America B. In 1998, Professor Min Xiao received the Oversea Distinguished Young Research Award (B-type) from the China National Science Foundation and, in 2005, the Changjiang Lecture Scholar from the Ministry of Education of China. At the end of 2008, Professor Min Xiao has been selected for “the Thousand-Talent Plan” via Nanjing University.

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