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  • 单粒子光谱


  • 超快光谱学


  • 空间光束检测


  • 片上高品质因子光学微腔及应用


175.  Transmission nonreciprocity in a mutually coupled circulating structure【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bing He, Liu Yang, X.S. Jiang, and Min Xiao
174.  High-Q and highly reproducible microdisks and microlasers 【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  N. Zhang, Y. Wang, W. Sun, S. Liu, C. Huang, X.S. Jiang, Min Xiao, S.M. Xiao, and Q.H. Song
173.  Non-Hermitian optics in atomic systems【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z.Y. Zhang, D. Ma, J.T. Sheng, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao.
172.  Controllable photonic crystal with periodic Raman gain in a coherent atomic medium【DOWNLOAD PDF】
   Z.Y. Zhang, J. Feng, X. Liu, J. Sheng, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang and Min Xiao.
171.  Orbital angular momentum-enhanced measurement of rotation vibration using a Sagnac interferometer【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  S. Xiao, L. Zhang, Dan Wei, F. Liu, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao.
170.  Photon antibunching in a cluster of giant CdSe/CdS nanocrystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bihu Lv, Huichao Zhang, Lipeng Wang, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, Jiayu Zhang, and Min Xiao
169.  Composition-dependent energy splitting between bright and dark excitons in lead halide perovskite nanocrystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Lan Chen, Bin Li, Chunfeng Zhang*, Xinyu Huang, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
168.  Transient electronic anisotropy in overdoped NaFe1–xCoxAs superconductors【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Shenghua Liu, Chunfeng Zhang,* Qiang Deng, Hai-hu Wen, Jian-xin Li, Elbert E.M. Chia, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
167.  Singlet exciton fission in a linear tetracene tetramer【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Heyuan Liu, Zhiwei Wang, Xuemin Wang, Li Shen, Chunfeng Zhang, Min Xiao, and Xiyou Li
166.  Observation of electromagnetically induced Talbot effect in an atomic system【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z.Y. Zhang, X. Liu, D. Zhang, J. Sheng, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
165.  Feasible D1-A-D2-A random copolymers for simultaneous high-performance fullerene and nonfullerene solar cells【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  M. Jeong, S. Chen, S.M. Lee, Z. Wang, Y. Yang, Z.G. Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang, Min Xiao, Y.F. Li, and C. Yang
164.  Coherent exciton-phonon coupling in CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals studied by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  R. Wang, X. Huang, Chunfeng Zhang*, X. Wang, and Min Xiao
163.  Tunable third harmonic generation of vortex beams in an optical superlattice【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y. Wu, R. Ni, Z. Xu, Y. Wu, X. Fang, D. Wei, X.P. Hu, Yong Zhang, Min Xiao, and S.N. Zhu
162.  Bright type-II photoluminescence from Mn-doped CdS/ZnSe/ZnS quantum dots with Mn2+ ions as exciton couplers【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  R. Xu, C. Liao, Y. Xu, Chunfeng Zhang*, Min Xiao, L. Zhang, C. Lu, Y. Cui, and J.Y. Zhang
161.  Kerr frequency combs in large-size, ultra-high-Q toroid microcavities with low repetition rates【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  J.Y. Ma, X.S. Jiang*, and Min Xiao
160.  Second-harmonic interference imaging of ferroelectric domains through a scanning microscope【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Huang, D.Z. Wei, Y. Wang, Y. Zhu, Yong Zhang*, X. Hu, S.N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
159.  Enhanced intensity-difference squeezing via energy-level modulations in hot atomic media【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Zhang, C. Li, Z.Y. Zhang, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
158.  Examining second-harmonic generation of high-order Laguerre–Gaussian modes through a single cylindrical lens【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Fang, Z. Kuang, P. Chen, H. Yang, Q. Li, W. Hu, Y.Q. Lu, Yong Zhang* and Min Xiao
157.  Mass sensing by detecting the quadrature of a coupled light field【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Q. Lin, Bing He, and Min Xiao
156.  Broadband two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in an actively phase stabilized pump-probe configuration【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  W. Zhu, R. Wang, C.F. Zhang*, G. Wang, Y. Liu, W. Zhao, X. Dai, X.Y. Wang, G. Cerullo, S. Cundiff, and Min Xiao
155.  All-small-molecule nonfullerene organic solar cells with high fill factor and high efficiency over 10%【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  B. Qiu, L. Xue, Y. Yang, H. Bin, Y. Zhang, C.F. Zhang*, Min Xiao, K. Park, W. Morrison, Z.G. Zhang, and Y. Li
154.  Side chain engineering on medium bandgap copolymers to suppress triplet formation for high-efficiency polymer solar cells【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  L. Xue, Y. Yang, J. Xu, C.F. Zhang*, H. Bin, Z.G. Zhang, B. Qiu, X. Li, C. Sun, L. Gao, J. Yao, X. Chen, Y.X. Yang, Min Xiao, and Y.F. Li
153.  Edge states in dynamical superlattices【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.Q. Zhang, Y. Kartashov, F. Li, Z.Y. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, M. Belic, and Min Xiao
152.  Continuous-variable entanglement generated with a hybrid PT-symmetric system【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  S. Vashahri-Ghamsari, B. He, and Min Xiao
151.  Polar phase transitions in heteroepitaxial stabilized La0.5Y0.5AlO3 thin films【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  S. Liu, Chunfeng Zhang*, M. Zhu, Q. He, J. Chakhalian, X.R. Liu, A. Borisevich, X.Y. Wang, and Min Xiao
150.  Ultralow-threshold neodymium-doped microsphere lasers on a silicon chip【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y. Ding, H. Fan, X. Zhang, X.S. Jiang* and Min Xiao
149.  Directly generating orbital angular momentum in second-harmonic waves with a spirally-poled nonlinear photonic crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D.Z. Wei, Y. Zhu, W. Zhong, G. Cui, H. Wang, Y. He, Yong Zhang*, Y.Q. Lu, and Min Xiao
148.  Bright-exciton fine structure splittings in single perovskite nanocrystals
  Chunyang Yin, Liyang Chen, Nan Song, Yan Lv, Fengrui Hu, Chun Sun, William W. Yu, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, Yu Zhang, and Min Xiao
147.  Ultrafast carrier dynamics and efficient triplet generation in black phosphorus quantum dots【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  L. Chen, Chunfeng Zhang*, L. Li, H. Wu, X.Y. Wang, S. Yan, Y. Shi, and Min Xiao
146.  On-chip generation of broadband high-order Laguerre–Gaussian modes in a metasurface【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y. Wang, X. Fang, Z. Kuang, H. Wang, D.Z. Wei, Y. Liang, Q. Wang, T. Xu, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
145.  Unveiling the link between fractional Schr?dinger equation and light propagation in honeycomb lattice【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Zhang, Y.Q. Zhang, Z.Y. Zhang, N. Ahmed, Y.P. Zhang, F. Li, M.R. Belic, and Min Xiao
144.  Radiation pressure cooling as a quantum dynamical process【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bing He, L. Yang, Q. Lin, and Min Xiao
143.  Optical Bloch oscillation and Zener tunneling in an atomic system【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.Q. Zhang, D. Zhang, Z.Y. Zhang, C. Li, Y.P. Zhang, F. Li, M.R. Bebic, and Min Xiao
142.  Multiple generations of high-order orbital angular momentum modes through cascaded third-harmonic generation in a 2D nonlinear photonic crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Wei, J. Guo, X. Fang, D. Z. Wei, R. Ni, P. Chen, X. Hu, Yong Zhang*, W. Hu, Y. Q. Lu, S. N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
141.  Single-mode lasing from ‘giant’ CdSe/CdS core-shell quantum dots in distributed feedback structures【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  L. Zhang, C. Liao, B. Lv, X.Y. Wang*, Min Xiao, R. Xu, Y. Yuan, C. Lu, Y. Cui, and J. Zhang
140.  Generation of robust tripartite entanglement with a single-cavity optomechanical system【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X.H. Yang, Y. Ling, X. Shao, and Min Xiao
139.  Simple and nondestructive on-chip detection of optical orbital angular momentum through a single plasmonic nanohole【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Z. Wei, Y. Wang, D. Liu, Y. Zhu, W. Zhong, X. Fang, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
138.  Conical third-harmonic generation in a hexagonally poled LiTaO3 crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Fang, D. Wei, Y. Wang, H. Wang, Yong Zhang*, X.P. Hu, S.N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
137.  Resonant and non-resonant second-harmonic generation in a single cadmium sulfide nanowire【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Huang, S. Dai, P. Xu, Y. Wang, Q. Yang, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
136.  Analysis of a triple-cavity photonic molecule based on coupled mode theory【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  C. Yang, Y. Hu, Xiaoshun Jiang*, and Min Xiao
135.  A covalently linked tetracene trimer: synthesis and singlet exciton fission property【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  H. Liu, R. Wang, L. Shen, Y. Xu, Min Xiao, Chunfeng Zhang,* and X. Li
134.  Demonstration of an ultra-low threshold phonon laser with coupled microtoroid resonators in vacuum【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  G. Wang, M. Zhao, Y. Qin, Z. Yin, Xiaoshun Jiang*, and Min Xiao
133.  Controlled correlation and squeezing in Pr3+:YSO crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  C. Li, Z. Jiang, Y.Q. Zhang, Z.Y. Zhang, F. Wen, H. Chen, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
132.  Two-dimensional Talbot self-imaging via electromagnetically induced lattice【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  F. Wen, W. Wang, A. Irfan, H. Wang, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, R.M. Abdul, and Min Xiao
131.  Realization of controllable photonic molecule based on three ultrahigh-Q microtoroid cavities【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  C. Yang, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Q. Hua, S. Hua, Y. Chen, J. Ma, and Min Xiao
130.  Squeezing-enhanced fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer for low-frequency phase measurement【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  F. Liu, Y. Zhou, J. Yu, J. Guo, Y. Wu, S. Xiao, D. Wei, Yong Zhang*, X.J. Jia, and Min Xiao
129.  Tunable diffraction-free array in nonlinear photonic crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Liu, D. Z. Wei, Yong Zhang*, Z. Chen, R. Ni, B. Yang, X. Hu, Y. Qin, S.N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
128.  Transport properties in the photonic super-honeycomb lattice – a hybrid fermionic and bosonic system【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  H. Zhong, Y.Q. Zhang, Y. Zhu, D. Zhang, C. Li, Y.P. Zhang, F. Li, M.R. Belic, and Min Xiao
127.  Optomechanically tuned electromagnetically induced transparency-like effect in coupled optical microcavities【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Guanyu Li, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Shiyue Hua, Yingchun Qin, and Min Xiao
126.  On-chip optical nonreciprocity using an active microcavity【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Xiaoshun Jiang*, Chao Yang, Hongya Wu, Shiyue Hua, Long Chang, Yang Ding, Qian Hua, and Min Xiao
125.  11.4% efficiency non-fullerene polymer solar cells with trialkylsilyl substituted 2D-conjugated polymer as donor【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Haijun Bin, Liang Gao, Zhiguo Zhang, Yankang Yang, Yindong Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang, Shanshan Chen, Lingwei Xue, Changduk Yang, Min Xiao, and Yongfang Li
124.  Ultralow-threshold single-mode lasing from phase-pure CdSe/CdS core/shell quantum dots
  Chen Liao, Ruilin Xu, Yanqing Xu, Chunfeng Zhang,* Min Xiao, Lei Zhang, Changgui Lu, Yiping Cui, and Jiayu Zhang
123.  Demonstration of a chip-based optical isolator with parametric amplification【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Shiyue Hua, Jianming Wen, Xiaoshun Jiang,* Qian Hua, Liang Jiang, and Min Xiao
122.  Interacting photon pulses in Rydberg medium【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  L. Yang, Bing He, J.H. Wu, Z.Y. Zhang, and Min Xiao
121.  Dynamical phonon laser in coupled active-passive microresonators【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bing He, L. Yang, and Min Xiao
120.  Slow Auger recombination of charged excitons in nonblinking perovskite nanocrystals without spectral diffusion
  Fengrui Hu, Chunyang Yin, Huichao Zhang, Chun Sun, William W. Yu, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, Yu Zhang, and Min Xiao
119.  Observation of parity-time symmetry in optically induced atomic lattices【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z.Y. Zhang, Y.Q. Zhang, J. Sheng, L. Yang, M.A. Miri, D.N. Christodoulides, B. He, Y.P. Zhang and Min Xiao
118.  Construction and nanoscale detection of interfacial charge transfer of elegant Z-scheme WO3/Au/In2S3 nanowire arrays【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Haijin Li, Yuying Gao, Yong Zhou, Fengtao Fan, Qiutong Han, Qinfeng Xu, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao, Can Li, and Zhigang Zou
117.  Control of atomic spin squeezing via quantum coherence【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Shao, Y. Ling, X.H. Yang, and Min Xiao
116.  Fractional nonparaxial accelerating Talbot effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.Q. Zhang, H. Zhong, M.R. Belic, C. Li, Z.Y. Zhang, F. Wen, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
115.  Diffraction-free beams in fractional Schrodinger equation【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.Q. Zhang, H. Zhong, M.R. Belic, N. Ahmed, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
114.  PT symmetry in a fractional Schrodinger equation【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.Q. Zhang, H. Zhong, M.R. Belic, Y. Zhu, W. Zhong, Y.P. Zhang, D.N. Christodoulides, and Min Xiao

Conversion of the optical orbital angular momentum in a plasmon-assisted second-harmonic generation

  Yongmei Wang, Dunzhao Wei, Yunzhi Zhu, Xiaoyang Huang, Xinyuan Fang, Weihao Zhong, Qianjin Wang, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
112.  Survival of the orbital angular momentum of light through an extraordinary optical transmission process in the paraxial approximation【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Dunzhao Wei, Yang Wu, Yongmei Wang, Dongmei Liu, Yunzhi Zhu, Dan Wei, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
111.  Coherent optical phonon oscillation and possible electronic softening in WTe2 crystals
  Bin He, Chunfeng Zhang,* Weida Zhu, Yufei Li, Shenghua Liu, Xiyu Zhu, Xuewei Wu, Xiaoyong Wang, Hai-hu Wen and Min Xiao
110.  Auger-assisted ultrafast fluorescence measurement of semiconductor single-walled carbon nanotubes
  Fengrui Hu, Zengle Cao, Zheng Hua, Qinfeng Xu, Ming Zheng, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Min Xiao
109.  Energy transfer of biexcitons in a single semiconductor nanocrystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Xiangnan Huang, Qinfeng Xu, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Min Xiao
108.  Coherent acoustic phonons in YBa2Cu3O7/La1/3Ca2/3MnO3 superlattices【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Wei Li, Bin He, Chunfeng Zhang,* Shenghua Liu, Xiaoran Liu, S. Middey, J. Chakhalian, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
107.  Efficient lead acetate sourced planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells with enhenacedubstrate coverage via one-step spin-coating【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Cong Li, QiangGuo, WenyuanQiao, Qi Chen, Shuang Ma, Xu Pan, Fuzhi Wang, Jianxi Yao, Chunfeng Zhang, Min Xiao, Songyuan Dai, and Zhanao Tan
106.  Two-photon pumped perovskite semiconductor nanocrystal lasers【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yanqing Xu, Qi Chen, Chunfeng Zhang,* Rui Wang, Hua Wu, Xiaoyu Zhang, Guichuan Xing, William W. Yu, Xiaoyong Wang, Yu Zhang, and Min Xiao
105.  Efficient thermal conductance in organometallic perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 films【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qi Chen, Chunfeng Zhang,* Mengya Zhu, Shenghua Liu, Mark E.Siemens, ShuaiGu, Jia Zhu, Jiancang Shen, Xionglong Wu, Chen Liao, Jiayu Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
104.  Coupled orbital angular momentum conversions in a quasi-periodically poled LiTaO3 crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Fang, G. Yang, D. Z. Wei, D. Wei, R. Ni, W. Ji, Yong Zhang*, X. P. Hu, W. Hu, Y. Lu, S. N. Zhu, and M. Xiao
103.  Carrier multiplication in a single semiconductor nanocrystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Fengrui Hu, Bihu Lv, Chunyang Yin, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, BrahimLounis, and Min Xiao
102.  Extended storage of multiple excitons in trap states of semiconductor nanocrystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qinfeng Xu, Xiangnan Huang, Zheng Hua, Lian Hu, Lingxiao Du, Huizhen Wu, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Min Xiao
101.  Magnetic enhancement of photoluminescence from blue luminescent graphene quantum dots【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qi Chen, Chentian Shi, Chunfeng Zhang*, Songyang Pu, Rui Wang, Xuewei Wu, Xiaoyong Wang, FeiXue, Dengyu Pan, and Min Xiao
100.  Core–shell amorphous cobalt phosphide/cadmium sulfide semiconductor nanorods for exceptional photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Zijun Sun, Bihu Lv, Jingshi Li, Min Xiao, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Pingwu Du
99.  High color rendering index hybrid III-nitride/nanocrystals white light-emitting diodes【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z. Zhuang, X. Guo, Bin Liu, F. Hu, Y. Li, T. Tao, J. Dai, T. Zhi, Z. Xie, P. Chen, D. Chen, H. Ge, X.Y. Wang, Min Xiao, Y. Shi, Y. Zheng, and Rong Zhang
98.  Great enhancement in excitonic recombination and light extraction of highly ordered InGaN/GaN elliptic nanorod arrays on a wafer scale【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z. Zhuang, X. Guo, B. Liu, F. Hu, J. Dai, Y. Zhang, Y. Li, T. Tao, T. Zhi, Z. Xie, H. Ge, X.Y. Wang, Min Xiao, T. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Zheng, Rong Zhang
97.  Probing Carrier Transport and Structure-property Relationship of Highly Ordered Organic Semiconductors at Two-dimensional Limit【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.H. Zhang, J. Qiao, S. Gao, F. Hu, D. He, B. Wu, Z. Yang, B. Xu, Y. Li, Y. Shi, W. Ji, P. Wang, X.Y. Wang, Min Xiao, H. Xu, J.B. Xu, and X.R. Wang
96.  Dual accelerating Airy-Talbot recurrence effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yiqi Zhang, H. Zhong, M.R. Beli, X. Liu, W. Zhong, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
95.  Superior optical properties of perovskite nanocrystals as single photon emitters【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Fengrui Hu, Huichao Zhang, Chun Sun, Chunyang Yin, Bihu Lv, Chunfeng Zhang, William W. Yu, Xiaoyong Wang*, Yu Zhang, and Min Xiao

Propagation dynamics of a light beam in fractional Schrodinger equation

  Yiqi Zhang, X. Liu, M. Belic, W. Zhong, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
93.  Multiple copies of orbital angular momentum states through second-harmonic generation in a two-dimensional periodically poled LiTaO3 crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Fang, D. Wei, D. Liu, W.H. Zhong, R. Ni, Z. Chen, X. Hu, Yong Zhang*, S. N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
92.  Dressed gain from the parametrically amplified four-wave mixing process in an atomic vapor【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z.Y. Zhang, F. Wen, J. Che, D. Zhang, C. Li, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
91.  Magnetic dipolar interaction between correlated triplets created by singlet fission in tetracene crystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Rui Wang, Chunfeng Zhang*, Bo Zhang, Yunlong Liu, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
90.  High-Q silica microdisk optical resonators with large wedge angles on a silicon chip【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Guanyu Li, Pei Liu, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Chao Yang, Jiyang Ma, Hongya Wu, and Min Xiao
89.  Electromagnetically induced entanglement【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Xihua Yang and Min Xiao
88.  Hexahedron prism-anchored octahedronal CeO2: crystal facet-based homojunction Promoting efficient solar fuel synthesis【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  P. Li, Yong Zhou, Z. Zhao, Q. Xu, X.Y. Wang, Min Xiao, and Z.G. Zou
87.  Design of a superoscillatory lens for a polarized beam【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z. Chen, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
86.  Discrete Talbot effect in two-dimensional waveguide arrays【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z. Chen, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
85.  Modeling of on-chip optical nonreciprocity with an active microcavity【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jianming Wen, Xiaoshun Jiang*, M. Zhang, L. Jiang, S. Hua, H. Wu, C. Yang, and Min Xiao
84.  Quantum noise effects with Kerr-nonlinearity enhancement in coupled gain-loss waveguides【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bing He, S.B. Yan, J. Wang, and Min Xiao
83.  Multi-dressing time-delayed fourth- and sixth-order fluorescence processes in Pr3+:YSO【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  C. Li, L. Wang, C. Yang, T. Jiang, M. Imran, I. Ahmed, Min Xiao, and Y.P. Zhang
82.  Phase Modulation in Rydberg Dressed Multi-Wave Mixing processes【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z.Y. Zhang, H. Zheng, Y. Tian, J. Che, X. Wang, D. Zhu, Yanpeng Zhang, and Min Xiao
81.  Demonstration of ultralow-threshold 2 micrometer microlasers on chip【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  H. Fan, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Y. Ding, and Min Xiao
80.  Efficient perovskite/fullerence planar heterojunction solar cells with enhanced charge extraction and suppressed charge recombination【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Cong Li, Fuzhi Wang, Jia Xu, Jianxi Yao, Bing Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang, Min Xiao, Songyang Dai, Yongfang Li, and Zhan'ao Tan
79.  Lateral carrier confinement in InGaN quantum-well nanorods【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Chentian Shi, Chunfeng Zhang*, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao
78.  Ultrafast spectroscopic study for singlet fission【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bo Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang*, Xiyou Li, Rui Wang, Min Xiao
77.  Charged two-exciton emission from a single semiconductor nanocrystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Fengrui Hu, Qiang Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Min Xiao
76.  Photonic Floquet topological insulator in an atomic ensemble【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yiqi Zhang, Z. Wu, M.R. Belic, H.B. Zheng, Z. Wang, Min Xiao, and Y.P. Zhang
75.  Cyclic permutation-time symmetric structure with coupled gain-loss microcavities【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bing He, L. Yang, Z. Zhang, and Min Xiao
74.  Large optical nonlinearity induced by singlet fission in pentacene films【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yunlong Liu, Chunfeng Zhang*, Rui Wang, Bo Zhang, Zhanao Tan, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
73.  Feedback-optimized extraordinary optical transmission of continuous-variable entanglement【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Dong Wang, Chuanqing Xia, Qianjin Wang, Yang Wu, Fang Liu, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
72.  All-solid-state Z-scheme system arrays of Fe2V4O13/RGO/CdS for visible light-driving photocatalytic CO2 reduction into renewable hydrocarbon fuel【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Ping Li, Yong Zhou, Haijin Li, Qinfeng Xu, XiangguangMeng, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao, and Zhigang Zou
71.  Continuous-variable entanglement measurement using an unbalanced Mach-Zehnderinterferometer【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Chuanqing Xia, Dong Wang, Yang Wu, JialeGuo, Fang Liu, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
70.  Radiation-pressure-driven mechanical oscillations in silica microdisk resonators on chip【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Guanzhong Wang, Mingming Zhao, Jiyang Ma, Guanyu Li, Yuan Chen, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Min Xiao
69.  Competition between spontaneous parametric four-wave mixing and fluorescence in Pr3+:YSO【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Huayan Lan, Changbiao Li, Chengjun Lei, Huaibin Zheng, Ruimin Wang, Min Xiao and Yanpeng Zhang
68.  Defect-induced photoluminescence blinking of single epitaxial InGaAs quantum dots【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Fengrui Hu, Zengle Cao, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Min Xiao
67.  Ultrafast spectroscopy of quasiparticle dynamics in cuprate superconductors【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Wei Li, Chunfeng Zhang*, Xiaoyong Wang, JakChakhalian, and Min Xiao
66.  Mo-O bond doping and related-defect assisted enhancement of photoluminescence in monolayer MoS2【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Xiaoxu Wei, Zhihao Yu, Fengrui Hu, Ying Cheng, Linwei Yu, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao, Junzhuan Wang, Xinran Wang, and Yi Shi
65.  Polarization-dependent exciton dynamics in tetracene single crystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bo Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang,* Yanqing Xu, Rui Wang, Bin He, Yunlong Liu, Shimeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
64.  Seeded spontaneous parametric four-wave mixing and fluorescence of Pr3+ :YSO【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  H.B. Zheng, C. Li, H. Lan, C. Lei, D. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
63.  Strong coupling of an optomechanical system to an anomalously dispersive atomic medium【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Haibin Wu and Min Xiao
62.  Nonlinear density dependence of singlet fission rate in tetracene films【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Bo Zhang, Chunfeng Zhang,* Rui Wang, Zhan'ao Tan, Yunlong Liu, Wei Guo, XiaolingZhai, Yi Cao, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
61.  Diffraction interference induced superfocusing in nonlinear Talbot effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Liu, Y. Zhang*, J. Wen, Z. Chen, D. Wei, X. P. Hu, G. Zhao, S. N. Zhu, and M. Xiao
60.  Polarization dressed multi-order fluorescence of Pr3+ :Y2SiO5【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Ruimin Wang, Chengjun Lei, Changbiao Li, Huayan Lan, Huaibin Zheng, Min Xiao, and Yanpeng Zhang
59.  Superposed Second-harmonic Talbot Self-image from a PPLT Crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Dunzhao Wei, Dongmei Liu, Xiaopeng Hu, Yong Zhang*, and Min Xiao
58.  Generation of multipartite continuous-variable entanglement via atomic spin wave: Heisenberg-Langevin approach【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X.H. Yang, J. Shang, B. Xue, Y. Zhou, and Min Xiao
57.  Parity–time symmetry and variable optical isolation in active–passive-coupled microresonators【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Long Chang, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Shiyue Hua, Chao Yang, Jianming Wen, Liang Jiang, Guanyu Li, Guanzhong Wang and Min Xiao
56.  Energy Transfer from a Single Semiconductor Nanocrystal to Dye Molecules【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Zheng Hua, Qinfeng Xu, Xiangnan Huang, Chunfeng Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Min Xiao
55.  Two-photon Dynamics in Coherent Rydberg Atomic Ensemble【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  B. He, A.V. Sharypov, J. Sheng, C. Simon, and Min Xiao
54.  Mott behavior in KxFe2-ySe2 superconductors studied by pump-probe spectroscopy【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Wei Li, Chunfeng Zhang*, Shenghua Liu, Xiaxin Ding, Xuewei Wu, Xiaoyong Wang, Hai-Hu Wen, and Min Xiao
53.  Reducing the efficiency droop by lateral carrier confinement in InGaN/GaN quantum-well nanorods【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Chentian Shi, Chunfeng Zhang*, Fan Yang, Min Joo Park, JoonSeopKwak, Sukkoo Jung, Yoon-Ho Choi, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
52.  Single crystalline, ultrathin ZnGa2O4 Nanosheet Scaffolds to Promote Photocatalytic Activity in CO2 Reduction into Solar Fuel【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qi Liu, Di Wu, Yong Zhou, Haibin Su, Rui Wang, Chunfeng Zhang, Shicheng Yan, Min Xiao, and Zhigang Zou
51.  All-optically controlled fourth- and sixth-order fluorescence processes of Pr3+ :YSO【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Changbiao Li, Lele Wang, Huaibin Zheng, Huayan Lan, Chengjun Lei, Dan Zhang, Min Xiao, and Yanpeng Zhang
50.  Giant up-conversion efficiency of InGaAs quantum dots in a planar microcavity【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qinfeng Xu, Carlo Piermarocchi, Yuriy V. Pershin, G. J. Salamo, Min Xiao, Xiaoyong Wang*, and Chih-Kang Shih
49.  Parametrically amplified bright-state polariton of four- and six-wave mixing in an optical ring cavity【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  H. Chen, Y. Zhang, X. Yao, Z. Wu, X. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
48.  Rational and scalable fabrication of high-quality WO3/CdS core/shell nanowire arrays for photoanodes toward enhanced charge separation and transport under visible light【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Haijin Li, Yong Zhou, Liang Chen, Wenjun Luo, Qinfeng Xu, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao and Zhigang Zou
47.  Cubic-quintic condensate solitons in four-wave mixing【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z. Wu, Y. Zhang, C. Yuan, F. Wen, H. Zheng, Y.P. Zhang, and Min Xiao
46.  Towards quantum-enhanced precision measurements: Promise and challenges【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Lijian Zhang and Min Xiao
45.  Entangler via electromagnetically induced transparency with an atomic ensemble【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X.H. Yang, Y. Zhou, and Min Xiao
44.  Single-particle spectroscopic measurements of fluorescent graphene quantum dots【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qinfeng Xu, Qi Zhou, Zheng Hua, Qi Xue, Chunfeng Zhang,  Xiaoyong Wang*,  Dengyu Pan, and Min Xiao
43.  Synchronous control of a dual-channel all-optical multistate switching【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  J. Sheng, J. F. Wang, and Min Xiao
42.  Spatial domain interactions between ultra-weak optical beams【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  U. Khadka, J. Sheng, and Min Xiao
41.  PT-symmetric optical potentials in a coherent atomic medium【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  J. Sheng, M-A. Miri, D. N. Christodoulides, and Min Xiao
40.  Defect recombination induced by density-activated carrier diffusion in nonpolar InGaN quantum wells【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Fan Yang, Chunfeng Zhang*, Chentian Shi, Min Joo Park, JoonSeopKwak, Sukkoo Jung, Yoon-Ho Choi, Xuewei Wu, Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao

Demonstration of an erbium-doped microsphere laser on a silicon chip

  Huibo Fan, Shiyue Hua, Xiaoshun Jiang *,  and Min Xiao
38.  Implementation of bright two-color quadripartite continuous-variable entanglement by the quantum optical dimer【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  J. F. Wang, J. T. Sheng, S. N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
37.  Enhanced Hot-Carrier Luminescence in Multilayer Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanospheres【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Qi Chen , Chunfeng Zhang*, FeiXue , Yong Zhou , Wei Li , Ye Wang , WengguangTu , Zhigang Zou , Xiaoyong Wang, and Min Xiao
36.  Broadband Optical Non-linearity Induced by Charge-Transfer Excitons in Type-II CdSe/ZnTe Nanocrystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  YunlongLiu ,Chunfeng Zhang ,* Huichao Zhang , Rui Wang , Zheng Hua , Xiaoyong Wang , Jiayu Zhang , and Min Xiao
35.  Quasi-phase-matched second-harmonic Talbot self-imaging in a 2D periodically-poled LiTaO3 crystal【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Dongmei Liu, Dunzhao Wei, Yong Zhang*, Jiong Zou, X. P. Hu, S. N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
34.  Quantum limits for the cascaded optical parametric oscillators【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  D. Wang, Yong Zhang * , and Min Xiao
33.  Ultrafast Pump-probe Spectroscopy Signatures of Superconducting and Pseudo-gap Phases in YBa2Cu3O7-d Films【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Chunfeng Zhang * , W. Li, B. Gary, B. He, Y. Wang, F. Yang, X. Wang, J. Chakhalian, and Min Xiao
32.  The Talbot Effect: Recent Advances in Classical Optics, Nonlinear Optics, and Quantum Optics【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jianming Wen, Yong Zhang * , and Min Xiao
31.  Coherent control of dressed images of four-wave mixing【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Z. Wu, Y. Zhang, T. Liu, Z. Zhang, C. Liu, Yanpeng Zhang, and Min Xiao
30.  Surface solitons of four-wave mixing in-electromagnetically induced lattice【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yanpeng Zhang, Chenzhi Yuan, Yiqi Zhang, Huaibin Zheng, Haixia Chen, Changbiao Li, Zhiguo Wang, and Min Xiao
29.  An in situ simultaneous reduction-hydrolysis technique for fabrication of TiO2-graphene 2D sandwich-like hybrid nanosheets: Graphene-promoted selectivity of photocatalytic-driven hydrogenation and coupling of CO2 into methane and ethane【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  WenguangTu, Yong Zhou, Qi Liu, Shicheng Yan, ShanshanBao, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao, and Zhigang Zou
28.  Microlaser based on a hybrid structure of a semiconductor nanowire and a silica microdisk cavity【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Guanzhong Wang, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Mingxiao Zhao, Yaoguang Ma, Huibo Fan, Qing Yang, Limin Tong, and Min Xiao
27.  Indirect optical transitions in hybrid spheres with alternating layers of titania and graphene oxide nanosheets【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  ShanshanBao, Zheng Hua, Xiaoyong Wang*, Yong Zhou, Chunfeng Zhang, WenguangTu, Zhigang Zou, and Min Xiao
26.  Realization of All-Optical Multistate Switching in an Atomic Coherent Medium【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jiteng Sheng, UtsabKhadka, and Min Xiao
25.  Controllable optical analog to electromagnetically induced transparency in coupled high-Q microtoroid cavities【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Can Zheng, Xiaoshun Jiang*, Shiyue Hua, Long Chang, Guanyu Li, Huibo Fan, and Min Xiao
24.  Acousto-optic tunable second-harmonic Talbot effect based on periodically-poled LiNbO3 crystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Dongmei Liu, Yong Zhang*, Zhenhua Chen, Jianming Wen, and Min Xiao
23.  Fabrication and photoluminescence of SiC quantum dots stemming from 3C, 6H, and 4H polytypes of bulk SiC【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jiyang Fan, Hongxia Li, Jing Wang, and Min Xiao
22.  Carrier multiplication in semiconductor nanocrystals detected by energy transfer to organic dye molecules【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jun Xiao, Ying Wang, Zheng Hua, Xiaoyong Wang*, Chunfeng Zhang, and Min Xiao
21.  The impact of carrier transport confinement on the energy transfer between InGaN/GaN quantum-well nanorods and colloidal nanocrystals【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  B. Jiang, Chunfeng Zhang*, Xiaoyong Wang, M.J. Park, J.S. Kwak, J. Xu, H. Zhang, J. Zhang, F. Xue, and Min Xiao
20.  A dye-free photoelectrochemical solar cell based on BiVO4 with a long lifetime of photogenerated carriers【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  J.Y. Zhang, W.J. Luo, W. Li, X. Zhao, G.G. Xue, T. Yu, Chunfeng Zhang, Min Xiao, Z.S. Li, and Z.G. Zou
19.  Generation of Exciton Polaritons in ZnOMicrocrystallines Using Second Harmonic Generation【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  X. Lu, H. Zhou, G.J. Salamo, Z.R. Tian, and Min Xiao
18.  Effects of Reduced Exciton Diffusion in InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Well Nanorods【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  B. Jiang, Chunfeng Zhang*, X. Wang, F. Xue, M.J. Park, J.S. Kwak, and Min Xiao
17.  Generation of multipartite continuous-variable entanglement via atomic spin wave【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Xihua Yang, Yuanyuan Zhou, and Min Xiao
16.  Measurement of Two Independent Phase-shifts Using Coupled Parametric Amplifiers【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  U. Khadka, J. Sheng, X. Yang, and Min Xiao
15.  Frequency up-converted lasing in polymeric composites with two-photon absorbing antenna【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Q. Chen, Chunfeng Zhang*, B. Jiang, X. Wang, Y.J. Liu, Y. Cao, and Min Xiao
14.  Two-photon-pumped optical gain in dye-polymer composite materials【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  W. Li, Chunfeng Zhang*, Q. Chen, X. Wang, and Min Xiao
13.  Fractional second-harmonic Talbot effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Zhenhua Chen, Dongmei Liu, Yong Zhang*, Jianming Wen, S.N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
12.  Directly produced three-color entanglement by quasi-phase-matched third-harmonic generation【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.B. Yu, H.J. Wang, Min Xiao, and S.N. Zhu
11.  Three-field noise correlation via third-order nonlinear optical processes【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Huaibin Zheng, UtsabKhadka, Jianping Song, Yanpeng Zhang, and Min Xiao
10.  Generation of bright quadricolor continuous-variable entanglement by four-wave-mixing process【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.B. Yu, J.T. Sheng, and Min Xiao
9.  Three-colour entanglement generated by an injection-seeded nondegenerate optical parametric oscillator【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Y.B. Yu, Min Xiao, and S.N. Zhu
8.  Four-Wave Mixing Dipole Soliton in Laser-Induced Atomic Gratings【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yanpeng Zhang, Zhiguo Wang, ZhiqiangNie, Changbiao Li, Haixia Chen, Keqing Lu, and Min Xiao
7.  Electromagnetically induced Talbot effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jianming Wen, Shengwang Du, Huanyang Chen, and Min Xiao
6.  Theory of nonlinear Talbot effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jianming Wen, Yong Zhang, Shi-Ning Zhu, and Min Xiao
5.  Generation of frequency-correlated narrowband biphotons from four-wave mixing in cold atoms【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Sujun Yun, Jianming Wen, P. Xu, Min Xiao, and S.-N. Zhu
4.  Engineering biphoton wave packets with an electromagnetically induced grating【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jianming Wen, Yan-Hua Zhai, Shengwang Du, and Min Xiao
3.  Improving spatial resolution in quantum imaging beyond the Rayleigh diffraction limit using multiphoton W entangled states【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Jianming Wen, Shengwang Du, and Min Xiao
2.  Nonlinear Talbot Effect【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yong Zhang, Jianming Wen, S.N. Zhu, and Min Xiao
1.  Second-harmonic imaging from a modulated domain structure【DOWNLOAD PDF】
  Yong Zhang, Fuming Wang, Katrina Geren, S.N. Zhu, and Min Xiao

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